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Have you ever wondered how to connect with your inner peace while living or traveling in France? Beyond its cherished gastronomy, famed museums, and iconic landmarks, France offers a sanctuary for serenity and spirituality found within its tranquil Buddhist temples. Let’s embark on a journey to explore these hidden gems, where silence holds the whispers of centuries-old wisdom.

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Discovering Serenity: A Guide to Buddhist Temples in France

The practice of Buddhism in France has established itself quietly yet convincingly over the years. France harbors some of the most exquisite Buddhist temples that not only offer a glimpse into the philosophy and lifestyle of Buddhism but also promise a retreat for those seeking tranquility and enlightenment.

Why Seek Out Buddhist Temples in France?

You might ask why these temples are worth the visit. Immersing yourself in the calm and learning about Buddhist practices can be a transformative experience, regardless of your religious background. Each temple tells a story, offering insights into a culture that reverberates with mindfulness and compassion.

A Peaceful Refuge: Plum Village

One notable temple is Plum Village, founded by the revered Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh. Nestled in the countryside of Dordogne, this meditation retreat center is a flourishing community where you can practice mindfulness and get a taste of monastic life, all within the serene beauty of rural France.

Step Into History: Dashang Kagyu Ling

Dashang Kagyu Ling, situated in Bourgogne, is another must-visit temple. It’s a place where Tibetan architecture and French culture meld seamlessly, offering a vivid tapestry of East meets West. Participate in meditation sessions, attend teachings, or simply embrace the peace that permeates this unique location.

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Engage with Community: Lerab Ling

In the heart of Hérault department lies Lerab Ling, a temple that exudes spiritual warmth. Engage with the community, partake in public ceremonies, or join in group meditation. The temple provides a compassionate embrace to all who enter its gates, making it a healing and enlightening sanctuary.


Buddhism in France might be less conspicuous than other attractions, but it offers a profound experience that can enrich your life and nourish your soul. These temples stand as beacons of peace in our fast-paced world. Whether you seek spiritual growth, mental clarity, or simply a moment of silence, a visit to France’s Buddhist temples can be your bridge to mindfulness. Discover the tranquility within amongst France’s hidden spiritual treasures.

Foire aux Questions

What are the major Buddhist temples in France to visit?
The major Buddhist temples in France include Plum Village, Dashang Kagyu Ling, and Lerab Ling, among others, each offering a unique look into Buddhist practices and culture.
Do I need to be Buddhist to visit these temples?
No, visitors of all faiths and beliefs are welcome to explore the tranquil settings and participate in communal activities with respect.
Are there any dress codes for visiting Buddhist temples in France?
While not strict, modest attire is appreciated. Covering shoulders and avoiding overly revealing clothing is advised out of respect for the Buddhist community.
Can I stay overnight at any Buddhist temple in France?
Some temples, like Plum Village, offer retreats where overnight stays are possible. It’s best to check with each temple individually for accommodation options.
Is there a fee to enter these Buddhist temples?
Many temples are donation-based, but some may require a fee for retreats or overnight stays. Again, checking with the individual temple is recommended.
Are there any specific times of the year that are best to visit?
While you can visit year-round, many temples have special events and retreats that correspond with Buddhist festivals which can enrich your experience.
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