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Have you ever imagined the thrill of racing through varied terrains, feeling the rush of adrenaline while the sound of engines roars in the background? Motocross in France is not just a sport; it’s an adventure waiting for you to rev your engines and dive in. But, what makes France a distinctive stage for motocross enthusiasts?

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Why France for Motocross?

France offers some unique characteristics that make it a paradise for motocross lovers. From the lush countryside tracks to the more technical sandy courses along the coastline, the terrain diversity is unmatched. Moreover, France hosts some of the most prestigious motocross competitions, such as the Grand Prix of France in Saint-Jean-d’Angély, attracting riders globally.

Getting Started with Motocross in France

To start your motocross journey, there are some important steps to follow. First, you’ll need the right equipment—quality gear is essential for safety and performance. Then, obtaining a license is a necessary step before you can race competitively. Fédération Française de Motocyclisme (FFM) provides licenses and valuable training sessions for all skill levels.

When it comes to training, both novices and seasoned riders will find plenty of tracks and schools that offer custom coaching to help boost your abilities. Schools like MX Academy not only offer courses on how to ride but also teach mechanical skills and racing strategies.

Key Events and Competitions

  • The French Motocross Championship: Witness local talents and seasoned professionals battle it out for the national title.
  • Le Touquet Enduro: This iconic beach race draws huge crowds and challenges riders with its demanding sandy terrain.
  • The Monster Energy Motocross of Nations: Often held in France, is where the world’s top riders represent their countries in this ‘Olympics of Motocross’.
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Scenic Rides and Tracks

Apart from competitions, France is home to some truly scenic motocross tracks that offer breath-taking views and challenging routes. Whether it’s the Alps, Pyrenees, or the rugged terrains of the Massif Central, France has a track that will satisfy every rider’s craving for adventure.

The French Motocross Community

Joining the motocross community in France means becoming a part of a passionate and supportive network. Clubs and groups like the French Federation of Motorcycling offer a community platform where you can meet fellow riders, share tips, and make life-long friends. They organize events that unite the motocross family, fostering a sense of camaraderie and sportsmanship.


Whether you’re looking to compete at the highest level or just seeking the thrill of riding through France’s captivating landscapes, motocross in France offers an exhilarating, comprehensive experience. With top-notch events, diverse terrains, and a vibrant community, your motocross journey in France awaits—full throttle ahead!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a license to ride motocross in France?
– Yes, a license from Fédération Française de Motocyclisme (FFM) is required to race competitively.
Can beginners join motocross schools in France?
– Absolutely, there are many motocross schools that cater to all skill levels, from beginners to seasoned riders.
What is the most challenging motocross track in France?
– While many tracks provide a challenge, the sandy terrain of Le Touquet is often considered the most demanding.
Are there motocross events in France for amateur riders?
– Yes, besides professional races, numerous local and regional events are welcoming to amateur riders.
Is motocross in France expensive?
– Costs can vary greatly depending on how competitive and involved you wish to be. Basic riding can be quite affordable, but racing at a higher level will incur more costs.
How do I transport my motocross bike to different tracks in France?
– Riders commonly use vans or trailers. Many motocross tracks also offer bike rentals if you cannot transport your own.
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